Another Broken Egg Grows as Breakfast Stays Hot

Another Broken Egg Grows as Breakfast Stays Hot


As the restaurant industry keeps struggling with sluggish traffic numbers—at best—Another Broken Egg Cafe is attempting to double down on the continued strength of the breakfast daypart. 


Citing two recent studies on the restaurant industry that point to the strength of breakfast, which has been an industry bright spot for years, the company is focusing on milennials, which have shown a predilection for getting tipsy over plates of scrambled eggs and bacon. Florida-based Another Broken Egg says its business model is “perfectly positioned to capture the incremental growth” with its breakfast meals, brunch items and cocktails. 


Through ongoing menu innovation, design updates and changes in staff training, the breakfast chain says it’s still on the hunt for ways to further improve its operations within the category. 


“One key to the brand's growth has been its strong focus on engaging with guests in the digital space and taking their feedback very seriously,” the company said in a release. “The brand understands that actively listening to guests can lead to innovative new ideas to further strengthen and improve service delivery and menu development both of which are critically important to driving guest loyalty.”


A Mintel research study found that consumers who post about their restaurant experience tend to dine out frequently, are interested in alcoholic beverages for brunch and enjoy innovative entrées. These consumers are also more influenced by online reviews when deciding where to dine. Staying on top of such trends, Another Broken Egg says it reads and responds to every guest review to underscore that customers are being heard and that their feedback is clearly valued. 


“The brand focuses a significant percentage of its marketing resources on digital and social engagement with those diners who take the time to post about their experience,” the release added. “It's been very exciting to see the frequency of social posts related to the brand's alcoholic beverages and innovative entrées increasing steadily, and it's clear these guests very much appreciate what the brand is doing to ensure their overall experience is a great one.”


While I’m on the older end of the millennial spectrum, I’m always down for some eggs, bacon, toast and a bloody mary. Unfortunately for us up in Minneapolis, the nearest location is approximately a thousand miles away. Should you be experiencing similar cravings in a place closer to the Southeast U.S., the brand now delivers from many locations through Grubhub. 


Article by: TOM KAISER -Franchise Times


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